China, Zhuhai – 2020

A new challenge, that is what it is.

This building is astonishing it has a very complex shape and structure that characterize and elevate it to another level, it is the expression of the modern architecture of the 21st century.

I will start my study of the model approach from the discretization this method seems more clear to understand while watching this building.

We can clearly see two basic modules, the triangole and the rectangle.

The first one compose the basement of this fluent envelope, the composition of these little pieces make this impossible form possible.

The second more common element compose the straight facade along the vertical element.

The second approach concern the wireframe, the structure, that hold all the envelope and the building itself, is made by a very complex arranging of beams and columns that can be really appreciated from the inside of the building better than the outside.

The frame was very clear during the construction phase when all the structure was naked and readable, as we can se in the following pictures.

We talk about complexity and from this subject we can discover another modelling approach: the emerging.

The emerging approach concern and decompose the architecture in its array, that is really difficult to estrapolate from the human size view.

Instead it is easier to comprehend from a top view or from the plans of different height, we can see how the spinning of the shape around its vertical axe strecht it into a innovative middle, bottom and basement section.

In conclusion I probably took the opposite path to describe or analize the architecture but thanks to this method I discovered so many complexities and interesting features.

It will be a challange to reproduce this extraordinary building.